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Mother and Baby

Addressing Common Lactation Concerns


Have you been told you are producing too much or too little breastmilk? Has your pumping output decreased or disappeared? You may benefit from a lactation consultation. I can collaborate with your pediatrician to manage your baby's weight gain and help you regulate milk supply.


Are you exhausted and wondering when (or if) your newborn will ever sleep? Infants typically wake for feeding several times each day and night. Still, improvement in latch and milk supply can be the difference between an infant who sleeps thirty minutes at a time and an infant who sleeps in three to four hour increments. A lactation consult may help you and your baby reclaim the rest you need.


Sore nipples are common, but they shouldn’t be your new normal. Many women experience sore nipples because of improper or shallow latch. As your lactation consultant, I will teach you nursing techniques to relieve pain and heal the damage to your nipples.


Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension (high blood pressure in pregnancy)? Are you planning a cesarean section delivery? These diagnoses often result in an early, scheduled delivery and lead to breastfeeding challenges. Schedule a prenatal consult today to discuss a feeding plan that will get your infant off to a healthy start


Have you undergone breast augmentation or reduction surgery? Do you have chest trauma related to an accident or surgery? Are you worried that you may be unable to breastfeed? Schedule a consultation today for a feeding plan specific to your health and your baby's needs.


Are you returning to work soon? Do you have questions or concerns about pumping breastmilk? Do you wonder just how much is “normal” pumping output? Do you question how much milk to leave for your baby or how often they should be fed while you're away? Schedule a pumping/return to work consultation. We’ll work together to develop a pumping and feeding plan customized for you and your baby.

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